Singles Ladder

Summer Singles Ladder 2020

Round 2 of 2

All games to be played and scores recorded by 5pm 12/9/2020




  1. There were 79 players, 4 of whom played no matches for various reasons.
  2. 15 players had no score or w/o recorded in their boxes. I have to consider those scores as zero. If you encounter a problem recording, text me as your final resort – at least your score will be noted after all your fine work on court!
  3. If you feel misplaced in your current box either because you’re too strong a player or not strong enough, stick with it for round 2. When the winter ladder commences, playing levels of all players may be better known.
  4. Movement up and down: Ideally the winner of the 4 in a box travels up, the loser travels down. Where points are equal and movement up or down is contested, whichever player beat the other travels up.

NOTE: Movement may not go according to your plan when you finished your matches!

From Round 1 to Round 2 of this ladder, there are 3 players who can’t continue and 5 who want to join in. As a result, some boxes have 2 players moving down. All movement up was honoured – winners deserve that reward!!


  • DEADLINE: SATURDAY 12th SEPTEMBER which leads us nicely into Club Championships on the Sunday!
  • 81 players (1 box of 5 so they should be quick off the mark to play matches).
  • Names in black are newcomers to this ladder, inserted where known standard of play seems to suggest.


Since these are unusual times it has been decided that there will be no Summer fee for the 2 rounds of the ladder. Thank you to the players from the Winter ladder who are fully paid up. Names in red ….(cf. Winter ladder list Round 4), it would be appreciated if you could put your €10 in an envelope at the office with your name and reference LADDER. Write PD by your name on the current ladder list.


  • Tie break to 7 points in the first and second set if games tied at 6 – 6.
  • 3rd set:
    • optional Championship Tie-Break (first to 10 with a gap of 2 points)
    • or a full 3rd set, played out in full or with a normal tie-break, depending on what the players have decided before the match began.
    • Bear in mind court-time demand before deciding.

Leaving Ladder or injured:

Contact Organiser: Aoifín 086 8964354 / Denis 086 0687188 

Arranging Games:

If a player texts you to arrange a match, please reply as soon as possible.


If a player, for whatever reason, cannot play a match, a walkover is given to the opponent. The player giving the walkover should write w/o in the scoreboard beside their name. The player receiving the w/o should write 2 in the scoreboard beside their name.


The winner of every match is responsible for writing up the scores. Score 1 point for every set you win. (A championship tie-break is considered as being 1 set.) Every player who participates in a match is awarded 1 bonus point per match.

All points are added up after the deadline, and players’ positions on the ladder are adjusted accordingly. Where scores are tied in any scoreboard, the player who beat the other in their match finishes ahead.


If a player does not reply to ANY texts, try CALLING and sorting it out.

If you cannot play your matches within the time-frame allowed ( 4 weeks this round ), and do not reply to texts, it may be necessary to eliminate you from the ladder with a possible chance to rejoin only if a place becomes available.


Please join WhatsApp and add Denis’ number to your CONTACTS on your phone in order to receive messages.

  • Denis: 086 0687188
  • New ladder information will be forwarded to all in the WhatsApp group. If you can’t join WhatsApp, the club noticeboard is used also. The club website shows each current ladder.


  • Enjoy your tennis!
  • Get to meet different members of your tennis club.
  • Discover if you enjoy competitive play – consider entering open tournaments to enhance and develop your tennis skills if so.
  • And as always with our play, be forgiving of your silly errors and focus instead on the many ( or few, as the case may be! ) glorious shots that even Nadal or Halep would struggle to return…
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