Mixed Winter Singles Ladder 2018-19


You can JOIN WhatsApp if you have a smart phone as we are also sending ladder updates that way. If you aren’t able to join WhatsApp you will receive a text when list is on club noticeboard each round.

Walk-Overs – IMPORTANT !!

  • PLEASE be fair to your opponent, reply quickly to match requests, even if you can’t play or want to arrange alternative time.
  • PLEASE give a walk-over if you can’t play and a person has made genuine efforts to arrange matches during the round with you.
  • It has to be done in similar generous spirit of ‘line calls’ and must be given by the person who can’t play, not taken as a ‘right’ by the player who has tried to arrange matches. It cannot be adjudicated by the ladder administrator and must be resolved between the players. Otherwise leave both boxes blank and you lose only 1 bonus point for a match not played.
  • Only scores written on the board can be taken into account. It is the responsibility of the ‘winner’ given a w/o to write 2 in their own box and w/o in their opponent’s box.

Mixed Winter Singles Ladder


Scoring system:

  • 1 point for every set won. Match format: 2 sets and a championship tiebreak if a third set is needed.
  • 1 bonus point for every match played (win or lose) i.e. if you play every match in a round you get 3 bonus points, if you play 2 you get 2 bonus points and if you play 1 you get 1 bonus point.
  • The bonus points do not affect whether you go up or down the ladder, they accumulate towards your final score, for prizes and are to encourage active participation.



NORMAL SETS – Tie Break at 6 : 6 – Normal tie-break (First to 7 win by 2)

THIRD SET – Play a Championship Tie-breaker, first to 10 win by 2 (unless both players wish to play a third set)


If a person texts you to arrange games, please reply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Walk Overs

PLEASE be fair and give a walk-over if you can’t play. If you do not play your matches and do not reply to texts you may be dropped at the organiser’s discretion and will have to rejoin when a place becomes available.

IMPORTANT: If a person does not reply to ANY texts try CALLING and sorting it out first- Text Nick 087 2998109 only if there is no response by the end of a round.

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