Boston Tea Party Host Information

Boston Tea Party Host Information

Guests invited at 7.30 for 8pm.

  • Table number to be given to Host/Hostess by organising committee.
  • Each Host/Hostess brings one piping hot pot/dish/container to hotel at approx 7.30pm.Entrance through side door of hotel. That would be right hand side when looking at the hotel.    NO food through hotel main bar please.   Pot/dish/container should be labelled with relevant table number. We will label at the side entrance to hotel if required.
  • Hosts also to provide oven gloves and lifting/serving utensils for both main course AND dessert.
  • The dish should be piping hot and will then be taken to kitchen to be kept warm before being returned to relevant table at approx 8.30pm.
  • Each table will have a designated serving station, which will be shared with one other host, and will be located close to the table where they will be seated. Dips, crisps, salads, desserts etc. can be kept on this serving table until required.
  • Hotel will provide all cutlery and crockery for two courses – mains and dessert. Tables will be fully dressed with tablecloth, candles, cutlery and serviettes etc. on arrival.
  • Hotel to supply rice and baked potatoes and these will be served buffet style on the dance floor.
  • You can bring cold starters and deserts eg.dips and crisps or other for starters – but nothing that needs heating up or cooling down etc.
  • Dessert – cutlery and plates will be provided.  Make sure your dessert does not need refrigeration/heating as the kitchen will NOT be able to help out.
  • Following the meal, hosts should ensure that all dishes be removed to the serving station, from where they will be removed by the hotel.
  • Only alcohol purchased on the hotel premises may be consumed on the night.
  • House wine will be for sale in the function room. There will be two full bars on the night.
  • You can dress the table even further if you want – make it a themed evening- Prize for the most novel design! Go one better and print your own Menu.

The whole point of this is to have as much fun as possible and for all to have a great time.

Any queries, please contact:

Olwyn Devins:

Ursula O’Shea:

Cathryn Toner:


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